Sharpest Knife Competition at IWA 2019 – The RESULTS

Fortunately, fitting the Sharpest Knife Competition into a very tight IWA 2019 schedule ended up working out perfectly. Huge thanks must go to Tim and Anne Reeve, Matt and Marissa of Chris Reeve Knives for being such wonderful hosts, as well as everyone who took part and joined in the interesting discussions this competition and the measurements sparked off. Here are the Results.

Photo courtesy of Troy from Benchmade

I must admit to being a little distracted by taking the measurement and didn’t take many photos. I have a small set of some of the entries along with their certificates. I did at least capture the winner!

And the winner was appropriately entered by Clay of Wicked Edge sharpening systems with a great average score of 139 BESS.

The Winner:

An honourable mention:

An honourable mention must go to an entry from Benchmade for being a very respectable runner up, but notably with the standard factory edge.