EDC Gear, Tools etc.

The latest five EDC Gear reviews are shown here, but are also included in the listings below, by section and alphabetical order.



5.11 Tactical Drop pouches with Slickstick MOLLE/PALS mounting system
CLASSIC: 5.11 Tactical RUSH 12 and 24 Backpack (MOLLE/PALS compatible)
5.11 Tactical (RUSH) MOAB 6 and 10 Sling-bags (MOLLE/PALS compatible) and Tier System
5.11 Tactical Sunglasses – Cavu FF, SOAR, Ascend and Burner FF (Polarized models)
Chiappa Little Badger Pt.1 – Folding Survival Rifle
Chiappa Little Badger Pt.2 – Fully Loaded!
Condor Metropolis Briefcase – Tactical Briefcase Face-Off Part 3: Condor
Cottonpickers Nona-Charger Review (Li-ion review)
DMT Aligner ProKit and DuoSharp 10″ Bench Stone
First Tactical Executive Briefcase – Tactical Briefcase Face-Off Part 1: First Tactical
FLIR Scout TK Thermal Camera
FOURSEVENS Titanium Pen (Fisher refill)
Gerber Center-Drive Multi-Tool
Hazard 4 Ditch Bail Out Bag – Tactical Briefcase Face-Off Part 2: Hazard 4
Leatherman MUT Multi-tool
Leatherman OHT multi-tool (One Handed Tool)
Leatherman Raptor – Folding Shears/Multi-Tool
Leatherman TREAD (CLASSIC Review)
MantisX Shooting Analysis / Training
Maxpedition Folding backpacks – ROLLYPOLY, ROLLYPOLY EXTREME and MERLIN
NexTool Frigate 14-in-1 Folding Shovel
Nite HAWK T100 Watch (Tritium GTLS Self-illuminated)
Nitecore EMR05 EMR06 – Mosquito Repeller
Nitecore EMR10 EMR20 – Mosquito Repeller / Powerbank
NITECORE Power – The D4 and D2 Digi chargers and NITECORE’s li-ion cells
NITECORE Utility and Daily Pouches – NUP10/20 and NDP10/20
NITECORE NTP10 Titanium Pen (Fisher Refill)
NITECORE SC2 Charger and F1 Charger / Powerbank
NITECORE UM10 and UM20 li-ion chargers
Nite Ize S-Biner with SlideLock, MicroLock plus GearLine
NORDIC HEAT Handwarmer and USB Powerbank 10,000mAh
NORDIC HEAT Heated Glove Liner (Thin)
Nordic Pocket Saw (Pocket Chainsaw)
Ostap Hel Knives Mjolnir III
Silky BigBoy Outback Edition Saw
Silky PocketBoy Outback Edition Saw
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (Sharpener)
TCH Handcuffs Twinlock Special – Part 1
TCH Handcuffs Twinlock Special – Part 2
TCH Handcuffs Twinlock Special – Part 3
Walkstool ‘Comfort 65’ Portable Stool with Telescopic Legs
Walkstool Steady
Wicked Edge Advanced Alignment Guide and Low Angle Adapter
Wicked Edge ‘Field and Sport’ Sharpener
Wiley X Captivate Lenses (Models shown – Contend, Peak and Breach).
Wiley X Mega-Review! – Detection, Aspect and Vallus.
Wiley X Ozone – with Click Air Gasket.
Wiley X Protective Eyewear – Rogue and Valor
Wiley X MEGA Test – Saber, Twisted and Knife (Sunglasses / Eye Protection)
Wiley X Sunglasses – Hayden, Kobe, Wave(EN.166 Safety)
Wisport Sparrow 16 and 20 Rucksacks
Work Sharp Blade Grinding Attachment for the Ken Onion Edition Sharpener
Xtar WP6 II 6-bay li-ion charger Review
ZTS MBT-1 Pulse Load Battery Tester


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