‘Tactical Reviews’ is the home of Subwoofer’s Reviews. Previously my reviews were 100% forum based, and you might recognise me from CandlePower Forums, Taschenlampen Forum, Fonarevka, British Blades, EDC Forums, Edge Matters, Bladeforums, Real Outdoors Forum, Spyderco Forums, Bushcraft UK Watchuseek, Watch Freeks, Bike Forums, Bike Radar and The Hunting Life amongst many others.

I do not have a military or police background, so why ‘TACTICAL REVIEWS’? Well, although ‘Tactical’ equipment is typically associated with military and Law Enforcement applications, its design principles should not be; think ‘Practical Tactical’. (Though not in the military or police forces, I am a volunteer member of two Emergency Service charities, SERV ‘The Blood Runners’ and 4×4 Response)

Tactical gear is designed to carry out its intended task and carry it out reliably, and this is what I am looking for when reviewing a light/tool/knife/bag etc. It is especially important to understand the context of where and how the product is intended to be used and the function it is designed for.

– planning or manoeuvring to accomplish a purpose

As an outdoor enthusiast, I’ve been using lights, edged tools, EDC gear, archery, hunting, shooting and fishing equipment for over 38 years. Here are a few early influences you might recognise (‘Lofty’ John Wiseman’s SAS Survival Handbook, Wilkinson Survival Knife designed by Ray Mears, the original Leatherman PST and an 8″ Sawback Gerber BMF).

My brother was the first to see this growing passion and I’ve not looked back since his generous gift of a Victorinox penknife for my eighth birthday to start me on my way. (I still use that same knife today)

Alongside this passion has been the love of photography, science and technology, so I aim to provide well illustrated, detailed and informative reviews with experimental results and user feedback.

With a Master’s Degree in Engineering I have a technical background and knowledge of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as well as material science.

No review is posted without a minimum of two weeks living with the subject of the review 24/7 to really get a feel for it.

ALL the photographs and test results are 100% original work and do not include republished manufacturer figures or another tester’s work. This is GUARANTEED with all reviews published on Tactical Reviews. (NOTE: As well as producing all photographs, videos and test results, I also write all the content, design the site, carry out all the website configuration and customisation, as well as maintaining and hosting the site.)

For any manufacturers or retailers wishing to arrange a review please use the following:

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