Knife Reviews

BKS Gembloux 2017 Knife Show
BUCK 110 Hunter and Hunter Pro
Chris Reeve Knives (CRK) Inkosi Upgrade / Customisation
Knives UK 2017
Lajolo Knife Urban 01 LP “La Prima”
Spyderco Shaman – The knife that nearly passed me by
Spyderco Euro Edge (Ed Schempp design)

Dive Knives 2016 – Mega Test Review

DMT Aligner ProKit and DuoSharp 10″ Bench Stone
HORL 2 Roller Knife Sharpener
Spyderco Tri-Angle Sharpmaker (Sharpener)
Wicked Edge Advanced Alignment Guide and Low Angle Adapter
Wicked Edge ‘Field and Sport’ Sharpener

ANV Knives M200 Hard Task
ANV Knives M311 Spelter
Benchmade 112S H2O (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Benchmade Bugout 535-3
Böker Plus Kwaiken Damascus/Damast (3.5″ blade – Odins Eye Damasteel)
Böker Plus Kwaiken Mini Flipper
Buck Compadre Chopping Froe
Buck – Group Review – Selkirk, Compadre Chopping Froe and Kinetic Fishing Spear
Buck Kinetic Fishing Spear
Buck Selkirk
Chris Reeve Knives Large Inkosi
Chris Reeve Knives Nyala (Insingo blade)
Cold Steel Espada XL G-10
Cressi Alligator (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Cressi Giant Knife (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
CRKT GO-N-HEAVY (Plain and Veff Serrated Versions)
CRKT Homefront and Homefront Tactical with ‘Field Strip’ Technology
CRKT Pilar – Heinnie Haynes Special Edition
Extrema Ratio FRAME ROCK XXV Anniversarium
Extrema Ratio Fulcrum II D Desert Warfare
Extrema Ratio K-TALON
Extrema Ratio MAMBA
Extrema Ratio Panthera
Extrema Ratio RAO II
Extrema Ratio Satre (Special Report)
Extrema Ratio Sethlans
Extrema Ratio T4000 C
Extrema Ratio TASK J
Fällkniven A1x
Fällkniven F1 Pro
Fällkniven PXL
Fällkniven U1c
Fox Suru – Exclusive Heinnie Haynes Edition
Gerber Strongarm
Heinnie Haynes Penfold
Hinderer Knives XM-Slippy
lionSTEEL B40
lionSTEEL bestMAN
lionSTEEL H1
lionSTEEL M1
lionSTEEL M4
lionSTEEL Myto
lionSTEEL Thrill
MIL-TAC MTF-4 Tanto (3.75″ blade – N690Co Steel)
MKM Hero
MKM Isonzo Cleaver – Heinnie Haynes Special Edition
Morakniv – A Look at the Classics
Morakniv Eldris with Fire Starter
Morakniv Garberg with Leather Sheath and Multi-Mount
Morakniv Kansbol with Multi-Mount
Oberland Arms Jager Sepp
Oberland Arms Wuiderer Sepp
Ontario Knife Company Black Bird SK-4
Ontario Knife Company Black Bird SK-5
Ontario Knife Company – Group Review
Ontario Knife Company RTAK-II
Ontario Knife Company’s Ranger RD Tanto
Pohl Force Prepper One (Tactical)
Pohl Force Tactical Eight
Pohl Force Tactical Nine
Promate Barracuda (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Promate KF505 Blunt (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Promate KF593 Ti ‘Scuba’, (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Promate Line Cutter (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Promate Seal Folder (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Ruger GO-N-HEAVY (Plain and Veff Serrated Versions)
Sandrin Knives Torino (Tungsten Carbide Blade)
Silky Nata Outback Edition
MEGA Review: SOG Knives Bladelights – Fixed and Folders (AA, AAA, CR2032)
Spartan Blades Harsey Model II (6.125″ blade – S35VN)
Spartan Blades USMC KA-BAR
Spartan Blades PALLAS Button Lock
Spyderco Assist Salt (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Spyderco Bradley Bowie
Spyderco Enuff 2
Spyderco Hundred Pacer
Spyderco Military
Spyderco PITS folder (Non-locking – Sub 3″ – Titanium – N690Co)
Spyderco Police
Spyderco Respect
Spyderco Schempp Bowie (3.7″ blade – CPM S30V)
Spyderco Shaman – The knife that nearly passed me by
Spyderco Sliverax
Spyderco SpydieChef
Spyderco Stovepipe
Spyderco Subvert
Spyderco Tatanka folder (5″ blade – VG-10)
Spyderco Zoomer
Viper by Tecnocut Dan 1
Viper by Tecnocut Dan 2
Whitby & Co DK9 (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Whitby & Co DK11 (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Whitby & Co DK511/14 (Dive Knives 2016 – Detail Review)
Zero Tolerance 0095BW
Zero Tolerance 0630 (Emerson Design)