Light Reviews

The latest five light reviews / flashlight reviews / torch reviews are summarised below, but are also included in the index listings further down this page, by section and alphabetical order.

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5.11 Tactical XBT Illuminated Pen (1xAAA)
5.11 Tactical S+R Series A6 and A2 dual Review (6xAA / 2xAA)
5.11 ATAC A1 and A2 Review (1 AA and 2 AA versions)
5.11 ATAC L2 Review (2xCR123/RCR123)
ACEBEAM UC15 – EDC / Keychain
ArmyTek Barracuda XM-L2 U3 Review (2x 18650 or 4x CR123)
ArmyTek Partner A2, A1, C1 – XP-G / XM-L Review (2x AA, 1x AA/14500, 1x CR123/RCR123)
ArmyTek Predator G2 V2.0 and Predator X V2.0 dual Review
Armytek Prime Pro – PART 1 – C1 / C2 USB Magnet
Armytek Prime Pro – PART 2 – A1 / A2 / Uni C2
Armytek Prime Pro – PART 3 – The Results
ArmyTek Viking v2.5 and Viking Pro v2.5 dual Review (1x 18650 Li-ion/LiFePO4 or 2x CR123/RCR123)
Balder SE-2 Review (1 x 18650)
Coast HP7R Rechargeable (Li-ion pack, 4x AAA)
Dereelight DA3 (1xAAA)
Emisar D4 – Quad Nichia 219C LED Light
ExtremeBeam M1000 Fusion Review (2x 18650 Li-ion or 4x CR123)
ExtremeBeam Alpha-TAC XT8 with the Metal MOLLE right-angle adaptor – Review (2xCR123)
FandyFire Rook and Queen Review (3x 14500/AA and 3x 16340/CR123)
FandyFire ‘Raging’ Review (4×18650)
Fenix EDC Flashlight Pack (LD01 and E01 both 1xAAA)
Fenix E35 Review (1x 18650 or 2x CR123)
Fenix HM65R
Fenix LD12 (1xAA)
Fenix LD41 prototype Review (4xAA)
Fenix LD50 (1×18650, 2×18650, 2xCR123, 4xCR123)
Fenix LD75C 4420lm +RGB (4/2×18650, 8/4xCR123)
Fenix RC10 pre-production Review (Rechargeable)
Fenix TK15C White/Red/Green (1×18650, 2x CR123)
Fenix TK15 S2 Review (1x 18650 or 2x CR123)
Fenix TK15UE (Ultimate Edition)
Fenix TK21 (Tactical light – 18650/2xCR123)
Fenix TK22 Review (1x 18650 or 2x CR123)
Fenix TK25 R&B – LED Swapping Design
Fenix TK35 UE – Ultimate Edition MT-G2 – ‘Compact Review’ (2x 18650, 4x CR123)
Fenix TK75 Review including Extended Runtime Kits (2/4/6/8/10/12×18650 or 4/8xCR123)
Fenix UC45 USB Rechargeable – ‘Compact Review’ (ARB-L1H custom battery)
First Light T-Max LE and TTL (2xR/CR123)
First-Light TORQ and Mounting System (2xAA)
FOURSEVENS “X” AA² Review (2xAA)
FOURSEVENS Atom AL Headlamp (CR123, RCR123)
FOURSEVENS Bolt-Action BLR2 (2xCR2, 2xRCR2, 1×14500)
FOURSEVENS Knight and Paladin
FOURSEVENS Maelstrom Regen MMU-X3R (Proprietary 26650)
FOURSEVENS Maelstrom X7 (Tactical light – 18650/2xCR123/2xRCR123)
FOURSEVENS (4Sevens) Preon 0 ( P0 ) (Full Flood – 1xAAA)
FOURSEVENS Preon P1 and P2 (2015/2016 edition)
FOURSEVENS Preon P1 Copper Limited Edition
FOURSEVENS Preon P2 in ‘Toxic Green’ (2xAAA)
FOURSEVENS Quark Click QK2A-X (2xAA)
HDS ‘Epic’ Review – EDC Rotary and EDC Executive with new 2xAA and 18680(18650) tubes
JETBeam DDA10 Review (1xAA)
Jetbeam E01R and E10R USB Rechargeable EDC lights
Jetbeam TH20 Prototype
KLARUS RS20 Flashlight/Lantern (Proprietary 18650, 1x 18650, 2x CR123)
LUMINTOP ED20-T (1x 18650, 2x CR123/A)
Lumintop Hunter T5 Kit plus Red/Green Modules (1×18650, 2xR/CR123)
Lupine Betty TL S Review (7 x XM-L U2!) (Rechargeable)
MAG-LITE MAG-TAC Rechargeable (Proprietary LiFePO4 18650)
Maglite XL200 (3xAAA)
Nextorch P5x Series with ‘Dual-Light’ LED Swapping Mechanism
Nextorch TA10 – the universal cell recipient (AAA/AA/CR123/14500/16340)
Nextorch TA15, TA30 and Tactical Ring FR-1
Nextorch TA40 and accessories (18650, 2x CR123)
Nextorch T53 Hunting Set
Nightstick ‘Intrinsically Safe’ Dual-Beam Flashlight, Headlamp and Penlight (Alkaline)
Nightstick Work-Light Group review (NSP-2422R, MT-130, NSR-2492)
NITECORE Explorer Series EA41 (4xAA)
NITECORE EA8 Caveman Review (8/4xAA)
NITECORE EC21 (1x 18650, 2x CR123, 2x RCR123)
NITECORE EC4 979lm (2×18650, 4xR/CR123)
Nitecore EF1 (Explosion Proof)
NITECORE MH1A Review (1xAA/14500)
NITECORE P12 2015 edition (18650 or 2x RCR123/CR123)
NITECORE P20UV Tactical light with UV (1×18650, 2xCR123 or 2xRCR123)
NITECORE P25 Review (1×18650 or 2xCR123/RCR123)
NITECORE TM03 (Tiny Monster)
NITECORE Tiny Monster TM06 (4×18650)
NITECORE TM11 ‘Tiny-Monster’ Review – 2012 (4/3/2/1 x 18650 or 8/6/4/2 x CR123)
NITECORE TM16 (4×18650)
Niteye EYE10 Review (1xCR123)
Niteye EYE30 Desert Edition Review (2or4x18650 / 4or8xCR123)
Niteye MSC20 Review (1x 18650 or 2x CR123/RCR123)
Olight M1X Striker (1×18650, 2xCR123)
Olight M20SX Javelot (18650 or 2x CR123)
Olight M23 JAVELOT
Olight M2X-UT Javelot – Factory De-Dome (1×18650, 2xCR123)
Olight M3XS-UT Javelot – Super Thrower (3/4xCR123, 2×18650)
Olight R50 Seeker
Olight S1 plus Special Edition S1 Ti
Olight S2A Baton
Olight S30 Baton (1×18650, 2xCR123)
Olight SxxR Series (S10R, S15R, S20R, S30R)
Olight SR96 Intimidator 5299lm!! (Proprietary battery)
Rofis TR20
Rovyvon A5
Rovyvon A8
Rovyvon Angel Eyes E300S
Rustu R64S with 6x XM-L U2 Review (1-4x 18650)
Rustu R7 right-angle light – Essentials Review (1×14500/AA)
SOG Dark Energy Group Review (DE-01, DE-02, DE-03 and DE-06)
Streamlight Dualie – 3AA Magnet, 2AA ATEX and Laser ATEX
Streamlight Knucklehead Spot Review (rechargeable / 4xAA)
Streamlight Night Com UV Review (2xCR123)
Streamlight PolyTac 90 Review (2xCR123)
Streamlight ProTac HL USB and Portable USB Charger
Streamlight ProTac HL3 rubber grip (3xCR123)
Streamlight Sidewinder Rescue (2xAA)
Streamlight Sidewinder Sportsman Review (2xAA)
Streamlight Sidewinder Compact II Review (1xCR123 / 1xAA / 1xAAA)
Streamlight Strion HPL (Proprietary cell)
Streamlight Vantage 180
Streamlight Waypoint Review (4xC-12V)
Streamlight Waypoint Rechargeable (built-in battery)
Surefire Defender E2D Ultra
Surefire P2X Fury Intellibeam (2xCR123)
Surefire Sidekick (Compact Fob Light)
Surefire 2211 Signature Wrist Light
Surefire Stiletto
THORFIRE PF01 and PF02 (1xAAA and 2xAAA)
Thorfire VG10 (1×18650 or 2xCR123)
Thrunite Ti Firefly 0.04/60 (1xAAA)
UltraFire 9T6 (with 9 x XM-L) Review (2-3x 18650 or 26650)
UltraFire UF-T90 (2-4×18650)
V54 Custom Modified D25Cvn Ti V3 (1xIMR RCR123 only)
Xtar S1 ‘Search and Rescue’ Review (1/2/3 x 18650)



Why a ‘Performance Review’?:
I’m not always able to conduct a full review, but have run the technical tests on a particular light. A ‘Performance Review’ is intended to provide an outlet for this information and a placeholder for further updates and discussion. No Pros and Cons are included as these performance reviews contain only experimentally measured output figures.










‘SHOT SHOW Specials’ are a series of reviews inspired by, or as a consequence of, my visit to the SHOT SHOW 2015.

These may contain photos taken while travelling, and may be of a slightly different format.